Chapter Ten

Why Am I Here, Anyway

God, Lead Me To My Destiny

Starting Off:

To Memorize:

Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, and before you were born, I consecrated you. (Jeremiah 1:5)

It's probably not often that you think about yourself as two microscopic cells struggling to find one another. But it's true. Once there was just the teeny egg in its nurturing bed, waiting for that one determined little sperm to find his way home. And suddenly he did, and there you were. Special, unique you; a miracle predetermined by God. It follows, then, that you have a unique destiny.

Your destiny is not the same as your dream. Dreams may lead you away from the destiny God has planned for you. He knows how best to use your gifts. He knows where you fit and what you can accomplish. The tone-deaf fellow who dreams of being the next Pavarotti, is headed for failure, but he might be a great speaker or writer or the most successful businessman in town. He needs to find his destiny in God.

So do we all. We find it by looking for God's directional arrows: circumstances we never could have engineered; people who offer new ideas and opportunities; new inner discernment that comes with prayer and “getting right” with God.

Anthony says: In the final analysis, we're not just human beings but keys that God has individually crafted to fit certain locks…In fact, in all the world and in all of time, there has been only one key that has the ability to open one particular lock. And that's you.

The lock you've been designed to open is the outworking of your destiny. It may be something small and hidden, or it could make you famous overnight! What's important to remember is that the person who achieves highest glory in heaven is the one with a servant's heart. (Mark 10:34-45) That takes selflessness and love, the most God-like traits of all. You can't do it? Of course not. So ask God to live His love out through you by the Holy Spirit within you. He'll be glad to answer you!


Think over your time since the last session. Have you asked God to bring good out of some bad situation—your own or someone else's? Are you beginning to see the outworking of that prayer yet? What has happened? Will you persevere? Share these thoughts with the Group.

Have you read Chapter Ten, God, Lead Me to My Destiny? Did you make notes and answer the questions in the Study Guide? Then it's time to…

Talk About This:

• If you seriously pray this prayer, asking for God's destiny rather than your own dreams, do you think it might change some directions in your life right now? How?

Before you read this book, had you ever considered how truly special you are? How did it make you feel?

Do you believe you already know your destiny? What is it? How is it different from the ambitions you had when you were younger?

If your destiny is leading you toward possible fame and fortune, how would you feel about that? How would you handle it?

What if your destiny seems to be a “hidden” one, a place of service with no fanfare? How would you feel about that ? How would you handle it?

How might the continual practice of the Ten Prayers affect your success in finding your destiny?

Citing Ephesians 2:10, Anthony says that God has created us to do specific good works that He has planned for us ahead of time. He says that God has given us the honor of being His instruments to alleviate suffering and help fix a broken world.

•  Does that include you? How do you feel about that?

•  As you make these Ten Prayers an ongoing part of your life, what do you think will happen? Do you think your heart will continue to “grow three more sizes?” Have you seen changes already? Talk about them.

•  Read aloud and talk about the last page of this chapter in the Ten Prayers book. Is that the kind of life you want to experience now, leave behind as your legacy, and take with you into heaven? Will you strive for it? How will the Ten Prayers study help you do that?


Pray for any needs in the group. Then try one-on-one prayer, asking that each of you will find God's perfect destiny for your life. Just make it simple but heartfelt. God will hear and answer.

Closing Prayer:

Father in heaven, we worship You with our lips, with our hearts and with our obedient lives. Help us to “be right” with You so that we can fulfill the highest destiny You have for us. Give us wisdom and humility and courage. As we continue to pray these prayers, let your answers strengthen our faith and prepare us for even greater prayers that will change and bless our world.

Bless our Group. May we continue to grow in Christ, to love and serve one another, and to be Your instruments of blessing to a lost and needy world. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Final Bonus Prayer!

As a group, pray the Yes Prayer (Page 183) out loud!

(Rememer, a free downloadable version of the Yes Prayer Song is available on Anthony's website at www.tenprayers.com. The song is wonderful to listen to and sing along with in your study group or in your church worship service. A beautiful music video/slide-show for the song is available for free download as well.)


Promise yourself to pursue the principles you've been practicing through Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To. Make them an ongoing part of your life and watch the changes come; watch your spiritual life deepen; watch the blessings flow!


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